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Online Hardness Analyzers offer multiple options to monitor total hardness and calcium hardness in water and let detect early signs of hardness leakage. Typical applications are wastewater, drinking water, steam & power generation, surface water. Industries served include bakeries, meat processing plants, steam generator sterilization, laundry companies, food and beverage, brewing, dairy, pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceuticals and construction, just to name a few.

Hach EZ series Hardness monitors are ideal for spotting hardness leakage before it shuts down your process or damages equipment that relies on zero hardness water. For critical applications that require the best quality water and minimal water and salt waste, consider using our patented Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener system.

The Hach EZ1000 Series Hardness Analyzers use colorimetric analysis:

  • EZ1016 Total Hardness
  • EZ1017 Calcium Hardness
  • EZ1304 Total Hardness & Calcium
  • EZ1306 Total Hardness & Calcium & Magnesium
  • Standard measuring range: 0.025 – 1 mg/L CaCO3

All Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

The EZ4000 Series Hardness Analyzers are single-parameter titrators:

  • EZ4043 Total Hardness; calmagite / EDTA method with LED dipping probe; standard measuring range: 0.25 – 10 mg/L CaCO3
  • EZ4041 Total Hardness; calmagite / EDTA method; standard measuring range: 100 – 1000 mg/L CaCO3
  • EZ4044 Calcium Hardness; standard measuring range: 10 – 1000 mg/L CaCO3

The EZ5000 Series Alkalinity Analyzers are multi-parameter titrators:

  • EZ5003 Total Hardness & Free Alkalinity
  • EZ5004 Total Hardness & Total Alkalinity
  • EZ5005 Total Hardness & Total Alkalinity & Free Alkalinity
  • EZ5006 Total Hardness & Total Calcium Hardness & Total Alkalinity & Free Alkalinity
  • Standard measuring range Hardness: 25 – 1000 mg/L CaCO3, Alkalinity: 100 – 5000 mg/L CaCO3
  • EZ5002 Total Hardness & Total Calcium Hardness, standard measuring range: 100 – 1000 mg/L CaCO3
  • EZ5011 Total Hardness & Total Alkalinity, standard measuring range Hardness: 25 – 1000 mg/L, Alkalinity 40 – 1000 mg/L

Options for all analyzers include:

  • Calibration to 10% (not EZ5011), 25% or 50% of standard range
  • Multiple stream analysis (1-8 streams) reducing cost per sampling point
  • Analogue and/or digital outputs for communication