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How does a Hach Hardness Monitor help with water quality? During the water softening process, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. As more hard water is softened, the ion exchange capacity may become exhausted, resulting in hardness leakage. If the softener is not regenerated early enough, there could be unacceptable levels of hardness leakage. To accurately monitor hardness in the water, a Hach hardness analyzer can be put in line for continuous monitoring. Hardness leakage can be eliminated at the beginning, middle and end of the water softening process with our patented Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener system.

Reliable water quality monitoring with a reliable instrument such at a Hach hardness Monitor, increases the efficiency of the softener process with constant analysis, recognizes whether regeneration is running correctly, and ensures the resin quality is sufficient as well as regeneration conditioning agents are present in the correct consistency. This results in less water wasted, low conditioning agent use and cost savings. The Hach EZ Series Online Analyzers provide a solution for continuously monitoring parameters that are critical to the concerns of risk mitigation, compliance, safety and process uptime.

All Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

The Hach EZ Series Online Analyzers include new and unique parameters, numerous measurement ranges, and provide data 24/7 – so you can make faster decisions. All instruments come in the same rugged mainframe with a compact footprint and a common user interface on industrial panel PCs, keeping training efforts low.

With continuous monitoring from EZ Series analyzers, you can detect trends and identify potential issues – before they become problems. With an automated process that has a color indicator, red for hard and blue for soft, identifying an issue is that simple.

The Hach SP 510 Hardness Monitor continuously monitors water systems to provide an alarm when total hardness exceeds a pre-set limit (eight alarms are available). By performing an analysis every two minutes, the SP 510 monitor can establish an automatic or semi-automatic system for industrial water softener regeneration in a variety of commercial or industrial applications.

Simple to read and use, the SP 510 monitor detects hardness breakthrough when the capacity of a industrial water softener is exhausted, immediately signaling the need for regeneration.

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