How Can You Achieve the Highest Efficiency Industrial Water Softening?

Any given day’s salt usage doesn’t seem remarkable, but salt and operating costs for commercial and industrial water softeners certainly add up over their lifetimes. You might be surprised how significant the operating and materials expenses can be for a water softener compared to its purchase price.

By contrast, Nancrede Engineering’s new Zero Hardness™ water softener  greatly reduces salt and water waste thanks to its unique design. It does this by sending water through two water softeners in series, eliminating offline tanks. This avoids water degradation and higher operating and environmental costs typically associated with conventional commercial and industrial water softeners.

How does it work? Both industrial water softener tanks are online all the time in a Nancrede Engineering Zero Hardness™ water softener, so the water passes through the first softener followed by a second softener. As a result, you can use lower, more efficient brining rates and still achieve the a high softened water quality.

For example, the majority of large industrial and commercial water softeners regenerate with 15 pounds of salt per cubic foot of resin. This level will result in high water quality but at the cost of efficiency. By contrast, the Nancrede Engineering Zero Hardness™ water softener allows you to use a lower brining rate while still producing high quality water. Our patent pending worker-polisher design can cut salt consumption by as much as 40% and reduce hardness leakage  and water consumption.

When it comes to critical soft water applications, the Nancrede Engineering Zero Hardness™ water softener gives you unbeatable performance because you can achieve this:

  • A continuous hardness leakage that is nearly 0.
  • An endpoint hardness leakage is greatly diminished.
  • A starting point hardness leakage is at a minimal level.

… and you can do so while achieving industry-leading efficiency because:

  • You will use less salt while achieving better water quality.
  • You will use less water during the regeneration steps so that you reduce your water waste.

As an important bonus, the Nancrede Engineering’s Zero Hardness™ industrial water softeners design offers “failsafe” risk reduction for critical operations. It does this by eliminating the single point of failure found in other industrial and commercial water softeners by running both water softeners all of the time. In addition, during high flow rate scenarios, the polishing softener can be pulled online so the system runs in parallel regardless of which unit is the worker or polisher. When the flows reduce back to normal, the system returns to a double pass configuration. This is flexibility and performance that is unique to the Nancrede Engineering Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener.

The Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener pays for itself with its operational efficiency, salt savings, and risk reduction. It’s patent pending industrial water softener design can’t be found anywhere else.

Use our free Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener sizing calculator to see how it can meet your needs. Then Contact Nancrede Engineering to learn more about this patent pending Zero Hardness™ failsafe water softener that can lower your costs.