How Do We Use Less Salt in Our Industrial Water Softener?

Salt usage in an industrial water softener system is a vital factor in water hardness and quality, and one that directly impacts your processes and bottom line. Lowering your water softener’s salt usage can lead to substantial savings over time.

Let’s first look at how much salt many large industrial and commercial water softeners use. The most common amount of salt usage in an industrial softener is 15 pounds of salt per cubic foot of resin. This results in high water quality but is not very efficient. Some facilities with lower water quality needs may choose to lower the salt usage to 6 pounds of salt per cubic foot of resin to save costs.

The drawback to the use of 6 pounds of salt per cubic foot in your industrial or commercial water softener is that it increases hardness leakage.

This hardness leakage can damage equipment dependent on high quality soft water and cause problems throughout your process. Nancrede Engineering has found that the use of a secondary polishing tank can be paired with a softening tank to help prevent hardness leakage, and pioneered a better approach to water softening in industrial, commercial, healthcare, and manufacturing environments.

What if your industrial water softener could use 6 pounds of salt per cubic foot but still get an outcome closer to softeners that use 15 pounds of salt per cubic foot? Nancrede Engineering’s Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial softener system is designed precisely for this scenario.

Zero Hardness™ Industrial Water Softeners

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The Nancrede Engineering’s Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener is our own patent-pending design that greatly reduces both failure and salt waste. It does this by having multiple tanks online at the same time and passing water through them in a continuous manner. One tank acts as the softening tank while the secondary tank acts as the polishing tank. This continuous softening and polishing action allows for the use of 6 pounds of salt per cubic foot versus 15 pounds of salt per cubic foot while eliminating the negatives of the lower brine rate. This can result in up to 40% reduction in salt usage in your industrial water softener system. That saves salt, water, and cost.

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