How to Size a Condensate Polisher

Condensate polishers are important for boiler feeds, power generation, and any applications where very low hardness is needed and stainless steel is a requirement due to the water temperature.

Sizing a condensate polisher is important because the capacity must need the process needs – but overcapacity will waste capital and ongoing operational funds. Nancrede Engineering offers a free condensate polisher size tool and guide. This condensate polisher size calculator utilizes the following variables:

  • Average Gallons Per Day (GPD) Flow Rate
  • Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM
  • Desired Hours Between Regenerations
  • Hardness of Water (Grains Per Gallon)
  • Capacity per Cubic foot of Resin (Grains)

Of course, many variables exist when sizing condensate polishers for boilers and power generation systems. So other variables could be included when calculating the size of the condensate polisher, but these will provide a good starting point.

Once this condensate polisher information is input, the condensate polisher tool will calculate the following:

  • Total Gallons of Water Used Between Regenerations by the Condensate Polisher
  • Cubic Feet of Water Softener Resin Needed Per Tank for the Condensate Polisher
  • Inch Valves (estimate) for the Condensate Polisher

For detailed condensate polisher sizing including configurations, control types or specific stainless steel or valve types & instruments, you will want to contact us or call Nancrede Engineering at 888-569-2837. Try the free condensate polisher sizing tool now.