Bulk Brine Systems

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Bulk brine and salt systems can save money, reduce injury risk, and ensure an adequate supply of brine for your industrial water softeners. Our engineers design briner and salt tank storage systems to integrate with your industrial water softener or process in new or existing buildings. We offer both above-ground and underground bulk brine systems and salt tanks and can consult on which salt brine storage and equipment options work best for your facility. We also offer single-wall brine tanks and double-wall brine tanks.

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As your single source for all briner tanks and components, Nancrede Engineering provides you with economy and dependability in your brining system. We have the capability to customize salt brine systems to fit particular requirements for a given installation. Our bulk salt brine systems are manufactured to current ASTM standards, using USDA-approved resins, and are conditioned to meet food grade sanitary guidelines.  An exclusive two (2)-year warranty backs our ISO 9001 quality standards and our 30+ years of experience.