Carbon Filter, Iron Filters, and Other Industrial Water Filters

Industrial water filters include carbon filters and iron filters and are used in many industries either by themselves or as part of a larger industrial water system.

Industrial water filters are available with various filter media such as industrial carbon filters and industrial iron filters, and come in a wide range of sizes. All industrial water filter units automatically backwash and rinse on a periodic time clock basis in order to cleanse and reclassify the filter media.

Industrial sediment filters incur an increased pressure loss from inlet to outlet as filtered particles collect in the bed. As an option, these industrial water filters can be furnished to backwash and rinse on a preset pressure loss basis.

The M series filters – manganese greensand filters – require periodic regeneration in order for the filter to function properly. An optional regenerate system is available to facilitate regeneration of the filter. For high total dissolved solids (TDS) and high turbidity (NTU) filtration environments, ultrafiltration (UF) systems should be used. Ultrafiltration units also filter much smaller particles: down to 0.02 microns.

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