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Reliable water hardness monitoring increases the efficiency of the softener process with constant analysis. Nancrede Hardness Analyzers recognize whether regenerations are running correctly, detect hardness leakage before it’s a problem and ensures soft water to your process. These system benefits lead to less water wasted, reduced salt usage and increased cost savings. Nancrede process photometers and titration instruments have been reliable and practical systems for water quality monitoring since 1958. The combination of improved accuracy and resolution with further developed analytic functions means a current generation of instruments that help water treatment system operators ensure optimal water quality with reduced costs.

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Reliability is at the heart of our hardness monitors. Many brands require constant maintenance and chemical refills resulting in lapses in water quality monitoring. Nancrede Engineering Hardness Analyzers are designed to run with minimal maintenance, tubing and parts change outs. Unlike many Hach hardness monitors, Nancrede Engineering Hardness monitors have the capability to set testing at desired time intervals from 1 – 99 minutes, instead of every two minutes, often using up chemicals too quickly. Operators can greatly reduce the amount of re-agents used, thus reducing operational costs.

Online analysis instruments allow system operators and technicians to increase the efficiency of the water softening process while constantly monitoring water quality to ensure no hardness leakage or softener failure. Alarms that can be set to alert about system deficiencies offer a variety of communication options ensuring quick response. This enables operators to recognize whether the regeneration process is running correctly, the resin quality is still sufficient and whether conditioning agents are sufficient and present in the appropriate consistency.

All Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

Nancrede Engineering Water Hardness Monitoring Instruments include:

  • Testomat 2000
  • Testomat 808
  • Testomat EVO TH

Companies can save energy costs by monitoring water quality with online analysis instruments include: bakeries, meat processing plants, steam sterilization generation providers and laundry companies. Organizations who utilize boilers also benefit from constant water quality monitoring include: food and beverage, breweries, dairies, pulp and paper plants, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction materials industries.

Nancrede Engineering offers expert water hardness monitoring design and is a trusted partner with Nancrede Engineering Water Purification Systems. Contact us now to learn more about our online hardness monitors, patented industrial water softener systems and Preventative Maintenance & Training (PMT) programs, so you can focus on your core business operations and let the experts focus on your water treatment needs.

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