Engineering Site Visits / Consultation for Industrial Water Softener Systems


Sometimes you know exactly what you need for your industrial water softener system. However industrial water site visits from an outside professional offer “fresh eyes” in looking at your softener. This outside perspective can often find efficiency opportunities, address safety concerns with Legionella or other pathogens, troubleshoot problem areas, or provide a baseline review of all existing industrial water softener systems.

That’s why Nancrede Engineering offers you engineering site visits on a consulting basis. Our experience in working with diverse water systems across countless facilities and industry segments within industrial water can often find a solution that has eluded you. A few hours or days of our time can save you many more days or weeks of troubleshooting or decisions that could cost thousands of dollars more than what is needed. Just as importantly, our insights can help you reduce costly downtime risk. Contact us right now to schedule a site visit at your facility.

Engineering Site Visits Address the Following:

  • Legionella Control & Water Management Programs
  • Catastrophic failure (i.e. water shutdown to building, pipe failure or tank failure)
  • Poor water quality to process, lab or entire facility
  • Salt usage reduction / cost savings
  • Water consumption reduction / cost savings
  • Energy consumption reduction / cost savings
  • Fundamental issues causing your water system to not work optimally
  • Confusion as to how systems work (not uncommon with personnel changes)
  • Confusion as to how systems tie together
  • Untrained or new staff
  • Fluid operation of equipment
  • Water hammer

Engineering site visits may include some of the services below:

  • Elution studies
  • Thorough inspection of complete operation of water softener, filter, reverse osmosis, DI, salt system or other related industrial water equipment
  • Recording and reporting water quality before and after each set of equipment as well as checking overall system performance
  • Inspection of all cycles of operation of each softener or filter tank
  • Inspection of operation of all components of reverse osmosis systems
  • Inspection of water loops
  • Inspection of brine tank operation and parts
  • Inspection of drain flow and backwash flow controller
  • Inspection and adjustment of electronic controls to optimize system performance
  • Review of parts that fail much more often than they should
  • Resolving pressure issues
  • Resolving water quality issues
  • Reviewing optimal brine system setup

Testing of one or more of the following before and after equipment:

  • Water hardness
  • Iron
  • TSS
  • TDS
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Resistivity
  • Chlorine

Professional engineering site visit reports are created for every visit with recommendations to help you solve your water treatment issues.

Contact an engineer today to start on the path to solving your issues at or +1 800-820-9021.