Water Hardness Monitors

Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers for Industrial Water Softener Applications

Water hardness monitors help with water quality by providing continuous observation of ion levels to avoid unacceptable levels of hardness leakage.

Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

How does a water hardness monitor help with water quality? During the water softening process, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. As more hard water is softened, the ion exchange capacity may become exhausted, resulting in hardness leakage. If the softener is not regenerated early enough, there could be unacceptable levels of hardness leakage. To accurately monitor hardness in the water, a hardness analyzer can be put in line for continuous monitoring. For critical processes and equipment such as boilers, hardness leakage can be eliminated at the beginning, middle, and end of the water softening process with the patented Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener system.
Hach Hardness Monitors & Analyers

Nancrede Engineering Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

Reliable water hardness monitoring increases the efficiency of the softener process with constant analysis. Nancrede Hardness Analyzers recognize whether regenerations are running correctly, detect hardness leakage before it’s a problem and ensures soft water to your process. These system benefits lead to less water wasted, reduced salt usage and increased cost savings. Nancrede process photometers and titration instruments have been reliable and practical systems for water quality monitoring since 1958. The combination of improved accuracy and resolution with further developed analytic functions means a current generation of instruments that help water treatment system operators ensure optimal water quality with reduced costs.
Nancrede Engineering Water Hardness Monitors & Analyzers

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