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Calculator for Total Hardness Conversion

Enter hardness (ppm) of each applicable substance below. Hardness will be shown in Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) equivalents. Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese are listed at the top of the form. To include additional substances, scroll down below the Total Hardness result. To minimize hardness leakage and save up to 40% of your salt, check out our Zero Hardness Water Softener.
Most Common Substances
Calcium (Ca++) 
Iron (Fe++) 
Iron (Fe+++) 
Magnesium (Mg++) 
Manganese (Mn++) 
Total Hardness (as CaCO3): 0 ppm (0 grains per gallon)
Enter additional substances below | Go to water softener sizing calculator
Additional Substances
Aluminum (Al+++) 
Aluminum Sulfur Oxygen (Al2(SO4)3(a)
Aluminum Chlorine (AlCl3) 
Aluminum Oxygen Hydrogen (Al(OH)3) 
Barim (Ba++) 
Barium Oxygen Hydrogen (Ba(OH)2) 
Barium Sulfur Oxygen (BaSO4) 
Calcium Chlorine (CaCl2) 
Calcuim Carbon Oxygen (CaCO3) 
Calcium Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen (Ca(HCO3)2) 
Calcium Oxygen (CaO) 
Calcium Oxygen Hydrogen (Ca(OH)2) 
Calcium Sulfur Oxygen (CaSO4) 
Chlorine (Cl-) 
Carbon Oxygen (CO2) 
Carbon Oxygen (CO3--) 
Copper (Cu++) 
Copper (Cu+++) 
Copper Sulfur Oxygen (CuSO4) 
Fluorine (F-) 
Iron Oxygen Hydrogen (Fe(OH)3) 
Iron Sulfur Oxygen (FeSO4(a)
Iron Sulfur Oxygen (Fe2(SO4)3) 
Iron Chlorine (FeCl3) 
Hydrogen (H+) 
Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen (HCO3-) 
Potassium (K+) 
Potassium Chlorine (KCl) 
Potassium Carbon Oxygen (K2CO3) 
Magnesium Chlorine (MgCl2) 
Magnesium Carbon Oxygen (MgCO3) 
Magnesium Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen (Mg(HCO3)2) 
Magnesium Oxygen (MgO) 
Magnesium Oxygen Hydrogen (Mg(OH)2) 
Magnesium Nitrogen Oxygen (Mg(NO3)2) 
Magnesium Sulfur Oxygen (MgSO4) 
Sodium (Na+) 
Sodium Chlorine (NaCl) 
Sodium Carbon Oxygen (Na2CO3) 
Sodium Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen (NaHCO3) 
Sodium Nitrogen Oxygen (NaNO3) 
Sodium Oxygen Hydrogen (NaOH) 
Sodium Sulfur Oxygen (Na2SO4(a)
Nitrogen Hydrogen (NH3) 
Nitrogen Hydrogen (NH4) 
Nitrogen Hydrogen Oxygen (NH4OH) 
Sulfur Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen ((NH4)2SO4) 
Nitrogen Oxygen (NO3) 
Oxygen Hydrogen (OH) 
Phosphorus Oxygen (PO4---) 
Sulfur Oxygen (SO4--) 
Zinc (Zn++) 
View Resulting Total Hardness

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