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High Temperature Commercial Water Softener

For support regarding any of our industrial water products and services, please contact a Nancrede Representative.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8-5 EST
Tel: +1 888-569-2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

Contact us for a Quote

Tel: +1 888-569-2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

DUF-HT-Series-High-Temperature-Water-SoftenerThe DUF commercial softener series is designed for high temperature water softening applications (150°F). The integrated control design features automatic 6 cycle regeneration with 12 day clock, assures reliable performance. Salt storage containers are fabricated of rigid high-impact nontoxic material and will not crack, rust or corrode. The seamless integral vessels are fabricated with no welds or bonded joints for higher temperature use. This can be an excellent alternative to Fleck and Clack commercial water softeners.


  • Dependable Fully Automatic Controls
  • Seamless One-Piece Brine Tanks
  • High-Temperature Brine Components
  • Vinylester Reinforced Commercial Softener Pressure Vessels
  • Outstanding Warranty and Product Assurance
  • Smaller Models for Under-counter Installation