Industrial Hot Water Softener Condensate Polisher System

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Industrial Hot Water Softener Condensate Polisher System

Industrial Condensate Polisher System

NECO industrial water softener condensate polisher systems are the perfect solution for cleaning boiler condensate return water. These stainless steel industrial softeners for condensate polishing are often used in power generation, co-generation plants and several heavy industries with large boiler systems. Industrial water condensate polishing systems remove impurities such as calcium, magnesium, iron and copper, which results in improved boiler feed water quality reducing energy consumption, water consumption and costs.

Need extra safety and redundancy? Nancrede Engineering’s patent-pending Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softeners greatly reduce chances of failure and salt waste, reducing risk and increasing your bottom line. Learn how the Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener provides a higher level of water quality for boilers and other critical applications.

Industrial softener condensate polishers result in lower operating costs. Standard capacity ranges from 150,000 grains to 5,400,000 grains per tank with continuous flow rates from 0 to 1,200 GPM (gallons per minute). Nancrede Engineering offers specially engineered systems that can be designed to meet the exacting needs of our clients.

Our Industrial condensate polishers may also have anion resin to remove negatively charged ions. These polishing systems systems use a mixed bed design. This system uses both cation and anion resins. These systems are called deep bed systems and use strong acid and strong base bead resins to produce a very high quality demineralized water.

How Do You Size an Industrial Hot Water Softener Condensate Polisher?

Use the free industrial hot water softener condensate polisher calculator from Nancrede Engineering to calculate your needs.


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Industrial Condensate Polisher Process Theory – Cation Only

Our industrial condensate polishers use hydraulic or pneumatic valves, which feature a co-current regeneration sequence. Initially, strong acid cation resin in the sodium (Na +1) form is placed into service. During the sodium cation exchange water softening process, sodium ions are exchanged for undesirable quantities of calcium (Ca +2), magnesium (Mg +2), and iron (Fe +2). Sodium ions already present in the water being softened pass through the process unchanged. Upon exhaustion of the resin (as indicated by unacceptable hardness leakage), a regeneration sequence involving sodium chloride (NaCl) is utilized. Although the water is softened, the total dissolved solids content remains unchanged.


  • 304 Stainless steel resin tanks
  • Air-Operated butterfly style control valves
  • Automatic timer initiated regeneration cycle
  • Polyethylene brine tank assembly
  • High capacity, high cross-link exchange resin
  • Cold water backwash/regeneration supply water
  • Automatic raw water bypass valve
  • Inlet/Outlet tank sampling valves
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controller
  • Simplex, alternating or parallel flow control
  • NEMA-4X electrical enclosure
  • Inlet/Outlet tank pressure gauges

Optional Equipment

  • ASME rated resin tanks
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sub-surface wash distributor
  • Water meter and totalizer
  • Differential pressure switch
  • Brine pump systems
  • Alternate ion exchange resins
  • Manually operated design
  • Skid mount design for multi-tanks

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