What Factors Determine the Correct Size of an Industrial Water Softener?

Determining the proper size of industrial water softener can be a confusing task. There are many variables that affect water softener sizing needs, so working through these can be quite difficult. Fortunately, Nancrede Engineering has a series of helpful water softener sizing guides and free industrial water softener size calculators that makes it easy.

As you use the water softener size calculators, it’s helpful to understand why choosing the correct size of water softener is so important, and learn about the variables that affect water softener sizing. This will give you confidence when you purchase or lease an industrial water softener.

Why choosing the correct size is important

Getting the right size of an industrial water softener is vital to your water quality operations. If you choose an industrial softener size that is too small, you won’t have enough high quality industrial grade water. This can result in high levels of water hardness leakage that in turn leads to scale build-up, equipment damage, and downstream process problems. For the highest quality water with the lowest hardness leakage and a reduced carbon footprint, consider our Zero Harness Softener Series.

On the other hand, if you choose an industrial softener size that is too large, then you could overpay for your softener and create the potential for channeling. Channeling occurs when the flow rate is too low distribute evenly through the resin bed.  You can see minimum flows to prevent channeling in our low flow channeling calculator. Moreover, if your industrial water softener equipment is underutilized, this can lead to stagnant water that is prone to the growth of Legionella bacteria and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens.


Variables that affect industrial water softener sizing

There are several factors that are considered when choose the correct size of your industrial water softener. They include:

  • Average flow rate, measured in gallons per day
  • Peak continuous flow rate, measured in gallons per minute
  • Hardness of your water source, measured in grains per gallon
  • Salt factor (usually 6 – 15 lbs./cubic foot resin) in pounds per cubic foot of resin
  • Capacity of the resin, measured as capacity per cubic foot of resin in grains

How Nancrede Engineering can help

Nancrede Engineering has a full range of water softener sizing calculators to give you starting idea on what you may need, but keep in mind that you should have professional engineering input as you make your final decisions. Our calculators will help you determine the following:

  • Total water used between generations, measured in gallons
  • Resin needed per tank, measured in cubic feet
  • Valve size, measured in inches

In addition, Nancrede Engineering’s industrial water softener sizing calculator can provide you with a recommended industrial water softener model, as well as provide a free drawing. See all of the industrial water softener size calculators. We offer calculators for many different commercial and industrial water applications, including hotels, hospitals, dairies, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Nancrede Engineering also has calculators available for other industrial water equipment such as reverse osmosis, legionella control, deionization, water filters, and more. See all of our free industrial water sizing tools and guides and contact us for expert advice.